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The Beck & Engle approach is thoughtful, holistic, and flawlessly orchestrated. From the first client meeting to the final install and last perfectly placed accessory, our organizational acumen ensures a smooth process for everyone involved. We listen closely to client needs and desires, then work directly with builders, contractors, and architects to ensure that every “t” is crossed and every “i” dotted to exact specifications. The design of one’s space provides a backdrop for the creation of memories and makes its inhabitants feel wholly at home—our creative process utilizes timeless materials and incorporates natural surroundings and architectural details to bring your beautiful space to life.
The B&E team is diligent, and we believe that a successful project is built on a foundation of concise documentation, open communication, and clear specifications—our expertise lies in orchestrating a highly productive process with builders, architects, and clients to create a seamless and easy experience. We value sincerity and recognize that this process can be overwhelming, so we do our best to foster curiosity and creativity wherever possible. We know that trust is an important component to design, and our experience and confidence enable us to shoulder the work so our clients can enjoy the process and know they’ve been heard. Our attention to detail is unparalleled, and our designs are motivated by fundamentals, not trends—in creating beautiful spaces for our clients, we aim to utilize materials that stand the test of time and make aesthetic choices that do the same.
“The role of the designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.”
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With just under 18 years of experience in the world of interior design, Stacey Beck is duly equipped with the organizational acumen and practical know-how to tackle projects of all sizes, scopes, and styles. Time spent living in Georgia instilled in her more than a few integral skills: she was personally recruited by a prestigious design firm, and her stint hand-drafting construction documents with one of Atlanta’s most well-respected architects ingrained in her the importance of clarity in communication, as well as a grasp on the scale of space. After graduating Summa Cum Laude and adding a bachelor’s degree in fine art to her existing business degree from the University of Utah, Stacey began traveling extensively for clients and broadening her portfolio. In 2012, she moved to Park City, working over several years at two well-respected firms before deciding to open one of her own. She resides there currently with her husband—a builder with whom Beck & Engle have completed several projects—and their two children. 

Inspired by architects like Philip Johnson and Tom Kundig, as well as interiors she defines as “livable modern,” Stacey believes that any and all styles of design can be appealing, so long as they’re thoughtful and well-executed. “Clients are an incredible source of inspiration…getting to know them individually and discovering how they live is a huge driver for me in creative problem solving.” Her vast portfolio of work includes everything from hotel projects to penthouses and sprawling mountain estates, and to each she’s lent not only her creativity, but her broad understanding of the construction and architectural worlds, as well. As such, she has developed seamless processes that place equal value on aesthetics and specification details. Stacey’s method is a comprehensive one that finds perfect balance in creativity, detailed developmental emphasis, and cohesive project collaboration. 
Amanda Engle has a practiced aptitude for helping clients realize their personal vision through a process that emphasizes both formulaic organization and creative revelation. Inspired early in life by the complexity and resilience of the human body, Amanda was a pre-med student, though she soon realized the need for a creative outlet and her predilection for a more artistically driven career won out. Moved from a young age by the likes of the incomparable Frank Lloyd Wright and the pages of Dwell, her personal tastes tend to lean minimal and modern. However, in her 10+ years of field experience, Amanda has worked for some of the area’s most notable design firms and her portfolio includes a vast range of aesthetic inclinations. She has extensive experience in high-end, custom residential design—particularly in the Park City area—and with hundreds of projects under her proverbial belt, Amanda’s process is a polished one that reflects what she learned in the developmental stages of her career: “I believe that great design is all but impossible without a complete understanding of construction and job management.” Equal parts methodical and artistic, she tackles each project with a level in one hand and an artist’s palette in the other, promoting creativity in her clients while exacting a flawless process from start to finish.

A meticulously organized designer, her process can be broken down into three fastidious phases: inspired discovery, obsessive organization, and thorough communication. She and her husband—a builder—often collaborate on projects, working in tandem to create complex and beautiful structures, and she is working currently as the architect on their personal residence, a new build, which will be completed later this year. When she’s not working with clients or creating, Amanda nurtures a healthy obsession for nature with frequent trail runs and hikes with her husband and dog.
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