Salt Lake New-Mod

J. Ford Construction
European Marble
Ray Bird Design
Mountain Land Design

This stunning, newly built home simply needed the fixtures and furnishings to match its immaculate bones when we came aboard. Rather than competing with the already intriguing living areas, we opted to instead fill them with objects that would carefully accentuate the home’s preexisting architectural elements. For instance, the Nelson bubble pendant hanging in the main living area simultaneously draws the viewer's eyes upward to the ring of windows that cap the room’s walls, while also highlighting the warming contrast of the ceiling’s wood paneling. Throughout the home, similar mid-century modern elements were incorporated, while great care was also taken to thoughtfully display our clients’ most treasured personal effects.
"We loved every moment of getting to work with Amanda and Stacey/the designers at B&E to make our space feel special. They listened intently to our input and then ran with it to make it even better than we could have imagined. They were more than willing to answer all of our questions and search out the perfect pieces for us. They brought experience and expertise that made the process fun, and were detail-oriented and professional at every turn."
Salt Lake City, UT