Moody Modern

Kent Construction
Berg Design
Salt Design
Mountain Land Design

This moody take on a mountain modern cabin uses a surplus of windows, views, and natural light to counterbalance some weightier finishes and materials. Use of more delicate finishes in the spa-like bathrooms ensure this home has plenty of balance.
"As one of Beck & Engle's first clients, we never saw Stacey and Amanda sweat because they were born to do what they are doing: creating beautiful homes in equally inspiring dramatic landscapes. They dream like artists, but they manage like CFOs. They helped in decisions from construction plans to kitchen drawer inserts. Attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to getting things right made our experience enjoyable, stress-free (yes, you read that right), and truly collaborative. We reached big for our dream house, and Stacey, Amanda, and the team at B&E delivered a home that will be in our family for generations."
Victory Ranch, UT